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Monica Acosta

singing teacher

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Everyone has their own unique music making and singing potential. Whether it is easier for some people than others  doesn't mean you can't start singing at any age.


I offer motivational and energetic lessons to enthusiastic adult students who want to sing and explore their vocal potential. I am happy to tailor the student's personal music-learning journey according to their interest and objectives.


Classes include posture, breathing and technical exercises to encourage a healthy, natural and personal sound.


I have experience in working with students in numerous styles: classical, music theatre, contemporary classical (extended vocal techniques), Latin-American, tango and Sephardic songs. Students can bring repertoire of their choice too and together we work on technical ability and performance.


Classes can be run as individual lessons, small groups sessions or as workshops. Please contact me to discuss your interests and needs.


60 minutes individual session


£40 (£150 for 4 lessons paid in advance)

2 TASTER SESSIONS (2 consecutive weeks) £72

4 TASTER SESSIONS (4 consecutive weeks) £144


30 minutes individual session


£25 (£90 for 4 lessons paid in advance)


Costs for small groups and workshop fees can be discussed depending on subject, number of sessions and location.


Please contact me for more information.

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